Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Vincent was born on May 18th 1971 in Meulan, France. He came from France 13 years ago with a musical background in Jazz-Fusion-Reggae. He loves to play syncopated rhythmic keyboard parts. Vincent mainly plays a Rhodes Electric Piano, a Nord Electro II and his Clavinet D6.

After spending over 4 years in a rock-blues local band from Fort Collins called Likewise, Vincent met Evan Carroll, 3 Peas' drummer/percussionist, who spent also 1 year with Likewise, starting the foundations of a musical entity. Joseph Prinzivalli brought to this new creation, powerful vibes and rhythms that opened the door for the 3 Peas.

Vincent is inspired by every type of music but essentially Jazz/fusion. To him, the 3 peas is a result of over 15 years of playing music from Rock band to reggae music to this trio jazz/fusion formation.