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Many corporate offices have this thing called “Casual Fridays”. Apparently, employees are encouraged to wear jeans to work, and it’s quite a big deal. This concept is lost on those of us who work at CINCH. Every day is denim. Every day is jeans. And not just any jeans. Jeans that take the hits and demand nothing in return. Jeans that won’t itch, bunch, sag, or pinch after a weeks’ worth of wear. Jeans that don’t mind their time in the dryer. Yes, we at CINCH need jeans to look cool without the extra effort. We have better things to do – like making jeans.

But we don’t make them just to walk around the office. We make them for the men who are also a little mystified by “Casual Fridays”. Men who think jeans are far more important than a fashion statement. They wear denim as a barrier between themselves and the abrasive world they work in. Cinch jeans aren’t made for men who lounge on plush leather chairs. They’re designed for men who sit on a different kind of leather. The kind that bucks, spins and throws them off.

Cinch Jeans has stood at the forefront of the western clothing industry since its launch in 1996. As leaders in using innovative techniques to produce premium quality denim and shirts, the Cinch brand grew quickly. Unique prints and patterns found only on Cinch shirts are iconic in the western competitive world, riding in each rodeo event and throughout the equine disciplines. The world champion athletes who ride with “CINCH” on their sleeves and collars stand proudly behind the brand. These men rely on the denim that works for them.

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