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Earp's Western Steak Sauce

Earp's Western Steak Sauce websiteLong before the days of Tombstone and Marshal Wyatt Earp's famous "Gun fight at the OK Corral", the Earp family had set their roots deep in what we term today as the "Old West". And though history has recorded that famous incident in all of its colorful detail, little has been noted about the every day aspects of the lives led by the Earp family, including our culinary skills.
Justice Knows No Boundaries and Neither Does Earp's Steak Sauce.
We Don't Take Prisoners!

In January of 2001 and on a National telecast program called The Pantry Professor, A-1 steak sauce was successfully used to...

Re-dye an old pair of leather boots.

(Now that's versatility you don't need.)
Don't try that with Earp's Steak Sauce. Ours is a food product.

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