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A good engineering design results in a successful, cost-effective project that contains a minimum of the problems that can lead to change orders, higher costs, and project delays. To achieve excellence in design, TEC employs talented engineers with years of experience in their respective disciplines. Principals of the firm work closely with the project teams to guarantee that all their design products reflect the highest level of expertise as well as the utmost attention to detail.

TEC has also developed a robust quality control program for cross-checking their engineering design function. To further ensure that designs meet client needs, several reviews with the project owner and staff are conducted prior to release for bidding. In addition, they are able to draw upon a good working relationship with many local contractors to prepare sound estimates of construction costs for the projects they design.

Site Specs:

  • Photoshop CS
  • XHTML / CSS 2 / Javascript
  • Flash MX
  • AJAX
  • Custom Built CMS
  • Classic ASP with MS ACCESS 2002 as a Database